A Pay Per Click (PPC) Expert Witness is someone who helps lawyers with lawsuits related to trademarks and other types of litigation involving pay per click advertising campaigns, in particular using Google Ads (previously Google AdWords), though occasionally other PPC networks such as Bing Ads.

Pay per click expert witnesses can use their expertise in Google Ads to help attorneys prove their case. These experts have knowledge about how these ads work, so they can tell the court why a certain ad should or shouldn’t be allowed. They also know how to research different types of ads, what words are used in them, and how people respond to them. Pay Per Click Expert Witnesses can provide insight into the impact of an advertisement on a company’s reputation and profits.

Such expert witnesses are used most commonly in litigation related to trademark infringements, in particular when the Plaintiff’s trademark or brand name has appeared in the text of ads posted by the Defendant. This is something that can sometimes happen accidentally due to the use of a technique known as Dynamic Keyword Insertion.

The Pay Per Click expert witness is often employed to explain to the court–to the judge and jury–just how pay per click advertising functions, how techniques such as dynamic keyword insertion works, how ads are matched up with particular search-engine users, and so on. The pay per click expert witness frequently acts as a teacher, explaining concepts but also interpreting the evidence specific to the case.

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