I provide Online Marketing Expert Witness Services to law firms involved in cases related to Online Marketing technology or business.

I’ve been involved in online marketing for decades; I was working online in 1994, and on the Web in 1993, when I wrote the first edition of the Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Internet (I wrote 6 more editions, through 2000). Created my first online store in 1998, started an eBusiness service provider (funded by Softbank, one of the world’s largest VC firms) in 1999, was employed as VP of Web Solutions for a National ISP and VP of Marketing for a Web-applications development company.

As for my Online Marketing Expert Witness work, I’ve been involved in numerous online-marketing cases, related to SEO, PPC, affiliate marketing, ecommerce, and more. For instance:

  • Katherine Dines v. Toys “R” Us Delaware, Inc.
    A trademark case related to the misclassification of products on the ToysRUs.com Web site
  • Geotag, Inc. v. Starbucks, et al
    A patent case related to the use of store locators — I had dozens of clients, including The Cheesecake Factory, Patagonia, Chick−fil−A, Safeway, and Costco
  • FTC v. Jeremy Johnson, I Works Inc., et al.
    Alleged fraud by a merchant with an affiliate-marketing campaign
  • Walker Digital v. Expedia
    A patent case related to ecommerce software
  • Expedia Hotel Taxes and Fees Litigation, Consolidated Civil Action
    A class action related to the presentation of taxes and fees to buyers on Hotel.com and Expedia.com
  • Coaster Co. of America v. Xiamei
    Lanham Act case related to the marketing of “knock-off” products on Amazon
  • Affiliati Network v. Norwich Enterprises, LLC (a dispute regarding affiliate-marketing/lead generation based on allegations that the affiliate network was using “incentivized” traffic)
  • Firmus Technology, LLC, & Adam Krier (a dispute regarding the sale of an affiliate-marketing/lead generation company
  • Essociate, Inc. v. 4355768 Canada, Inc./Crakmedia (patent litigation regarding affiliate-marketing software)
  • DDR Holdings, LLC v. Hotels.com L.P., et. al
    A precedent setting patent case related to online marketing through the use of an Affiliate Commerce System and Method, 7,818,399, & 6,993,572)
  • United States v. Heredia, et al (Philip James Bidwell)
    A case against an affiliate of an online pharmacy, accused of “selling” prescription drugs improperly)
  • Commodity Futures Trading Commission v. Jason Scharf
    A fraud case against a company marketing binary options online.
  • IPRs of U.S. Patent 7,818,399
    An affiliate marketing/ecommerce patent; for Shopify, Priceline, Booking.com, etc.
  • Geotag, Inc. v. Starbucks, et al & Geotag, Inc. v. Frontier Communications Corp., et al
    A patent cases related to the use of store locators on ecommerce sites — dozens of clients, including Cheesecake Factory, Patagonia, Chick−fil−A, Safeway, and Costco
  • Unoweb Virtual, LLC v. Alliance Data Systems Corp.
    An ecommerce patent case related to a “Method of presenting contents based on a common relationship”
  • Essociate, Inc. v. 4355768 Canada, Inc./Crakmedia & Essociate, Inc. v. Epic Media Group
    Ecommerce affiliate marketing patents
  • Progressive Casualty v. Liberty Mutual
    Patent case regarding the online marketing of insurance
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