My business is advice … whether I’m writing or consulting, that’s what I do, help people understand how to work online. And I’m glad to say people like what I’ve go to say …


If you really want to build a functional Web site but don’t have a lot of money or think you don’t have enough skill, “Poor Richard’s Web Site: Geek-Free, Commonsense Advice on Building a Low-Cost Web Site” might just be the book for you.
Jonathon Austin, CNN Interactive


[helps] guide you through this step and others involved in getting a Web site up and running.
Patrick Marshall, Seattle Times


PoorRichard’s Good Advice
With all great new things comes a proliferation of hucksters and snake-oil salesmen, and the Internet is no exception. The antidote to this swirl of confusion lies in Peter Kent’s Poor Richard’s Web Site. The analogy to Ben Franklin’s volume is appropriate: the book is filled with the kind of straightforward information the Founding Father himself would have appreciated.
Jennifer Buckendorff,


I’ve found a great book that explains it all: Poor Richard’s Web Site. … This is a practical, no-nonsense guide that lucidly covers topics like how to set up a domain with the InterNIC, how to promote your Web site and how to actually use all those features that hosting services provide.
David Methvin, Windows Magazine


Hot Site … Let Peter Kent provide what he calls “geek-free, commonsense advice” on building a low-cost site on the Web.
USA Today Web site


Book of the Month
Jerry Pournelle, BYTE Magazine


We liked the level of rich, high-quality details that went into this publication. You can tell that Kent has poured all of his creative energies into the project. Yet he remained focused enough throughout the book to clearly define in plain English all of the technical information required to create and maintain a Web site. … We highly recommend this book.
Peter Cook and Scott Manning, Philadelphia Inquirer


Covering all the basics in jargon-free English, he considers what you need to start, where to put your Web site, finding a host, how to pick and register a domain name, creating a site, choosing an editor, adding interaction and taking orders online, distribution lists, and registering your Web site. Very well written.
Library Journal


ComputerCredible Magazine

Book of the Month.
There was no question this month; Peter Kent’s Poor Richard’s Web Site, a remarkable book whose subtitle tells it all, is the undisputed Book of the Month winner. In clear, understandable language, Kent conveys an absolutely incredible amount of information on building and running a Web site.
Richard Mann, ComputerCredible Magazine




If you’re gearing up to launch a Web site or you’re looking to take an existing site to the next level, Poor Richard’s offers clear advice to help you defend against jargon-happy sales people and computer magazines.
Alan Joch,


Want to set up a Web site but don’t know where to begin? Get yourself a copy of Peter Kent’s Poor Richard’s Web Site
PC World


… an encyclopedic treatment of every aspect—technical, financial, moral and social—of building and maintaining a Web site. It packs more sound advice into a slender 424 pages than far bulkier and expensively-promoted books. Author Peter Kent writes with vivacity and real expository skill. In his hands, technical subjects such as email forwarding and host selection become compelling reading.
Cameron Laird & Kathryn Soraiz, Web Server Online Magazine


[A] good source [of information] with easy step-by-step directions is Peter Kent’s Poor Richard’s Web Site.
Jenna Schnuer, Publisher’s Weekly


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