My Geek News column ran for a dozen years in two Coloradan newspapers, the Boulder County Business Report and the Northern Colorado Business Report [in 2014 the two merged and were renamed BizWest].

In addition I’ve had a regular column in eBusiness Journal, a Canadian magazine, and a regular column for a couple of years in a freelancing/contracting magazine, PD News.

Society of Professional Journalists Award

Winner of Society of Professional Journalists awards for three years running

Unfortunately the Geek News columns seem to be no longer available; I may add links later if I can find where they are archived.

Oct 2008
You want your Web site to rank No.1 on Google
Wow, I haven’t kept up with this for a while! One day maybe…

Mar 2005
After all these years, user interfaces have long way to go

Feb 2005
Open source encyclopedia? Users maintain Wikipedia

Jan 2005
Wi-Fi makes accessing Internet more convenient around world

Dec 2004
Domain name game not as simple as many thought

Nov 2004
Online communities gather with ready-made networks

Oct 2004
Don’t bet ranch on pay per click just because everyone’s doing it

Sept 2004
Internet access on the move becoming a breeze

July 2004
Still waiting for great e-book revolution to begin

June 2004
Norton, Ad-Aware, SpyBot 1-2-3 punch against scumware

May 2004
World’s viewpoints heard by clicking on Internet news sites

Apr 2004
Online tools assist you with Web site keyword analysis

Mar 2004
If you have problem, software program likely exists to solve it

Feb 2004
Google searches 3.5 billion pages in 3 seconds

Jan 2004
While Microsoft reviled as monopoly, Google takes control of Net searches

Dec 2003
Anyone know how much software is created that doesn’t work?

Nov 2003
Shouldn’t home seller have right to make sure house listed on MLS?

Oct 2003
Microsoft about to turn up heat in search engine competition

Sept 2003
Geek ponders how he can keep up with student’s tech gear

Aug 2003 a true convenience only Internet can provide

June 2003
Forcing software upgrade unfair when product full of bugs anyway

May 2003
Success of e-commerce should come as no surprise

Aug 2002
eBay not only game in town; buys used CDs

July 2002
Think through online strategy to prevent making Web errors

June 2002
Tablet missing link in e-book evolution

May 2002
Web changing the world one little strand at a time

April 2002
Web strategy trumps design — every time

Jan 2002
SpamKiller annihilates annoying e-mail solicitations

December 2001
Rate for good Web page design still mystery to many businesses

November 2001
Telecommuting doesn’t work for many people, positions

October 2001
WorldCom’s data center has backups for every scenario

September 2001
Future computing power loaded with possibilities

July 2001
Nigerian letter scam moves into e-mail

June 2001
1. Technology, Internet forcing music business to change tune
2. Many people assume they know all they need to run computers

May 2001
New services less expensive for registering domain name

April 2001
Internet age of fast & free coming to an end

March 2001
Why do some products sell better than others online?

January 2001
Many techno prophesies not based on reality

December 2000
Dot-com flops merely potholes in Information Superhighway

November 2000
First-in formula fails; Net success up to users

September 2000
Book publishers could be next target if Napster wins

August 2000
Blocking Web flow across borders difficult

July 2000
Clicks may need bricks for online sales success

June 2000
‘Eyeballs’ aren’t profits; investors lose patience

May 2000
Palm Pilot’s the greatest: simple, convenient, reliable

April 2000
Law barring spam e-mail too broad to be effective

March 2000
Software companies guilty of criminal negligence for failing to correct problems

February 2000
Hot Internet stocks: Investing or gambling? Ask the users

January 2000
If e-mail, Internet access is free, how does anyone make money?

December 1999
Writing finally on the wall: Bully Microsoft a monopoly

November 1999
It’s just matter of time before eBooks catch on

October 1999
Rules changing for the better in ownership of domain name

September 1999
Software gets people discussing (or slandering) your business

August 1999
Best way to develop software? Ask the users
[I don’t pick these column titles! And this isn’t a title I would have picked for this column, as you’ll understand if you read the article.]

July 1999
Geek gets bit by virus; how can you avoid it?

June 1999
Why programmers love to hate Microsoft — code out of control

May 1999
Few people can understand Web certification process

April 1999
Cable modem hookup: Best and the worst

March 1999
2 useful utilities help you save time working on Web

February 1999
Best way to avoid Windows crashes: Quit using your PC

January 1999
Format for storing music promises to be big

December 1998
Believe what you want on online vs. TV survey

November 1998
Experience the joys of setting up your own home PC network

October 1998
Setting up new computer easy job, right? Wrong

September 1998
E-mail publishing idea to make money on Net

August 1998
Entrepreneurs grasping how to succeed on Net

July 1998
Eyeballs worth big bucks to Internet industry buyers

June 1998
Spam backlash could set a dangerous precedent

May 1998
Can you think of anything more unreliable than PC?

April 1998
Another piece of computer equipment bites the dust

March 1998
Netscape bubble bursts with losses, rumored sale

February 1998
E-mail makes everyone’s lives easier — right?

January 1998
Software only will get better when users get to have a say

December 1997
Everyone loves to hate Microsoft, but suits may be stretching point

November 1997
Cracking cyber messages threat to 4th Amendment

October 1997
Software customers paying too much for feature glut

September 1997
Don’t have domain name yet? Most .com ideas already taken

August 1997
No rest for working geek, news comes from 30,000 feet

July 1997
‘Futzing’ may be biggest cost to businesses as PC advance

June 1997
Why don’t software programmers study the competition’s products?

May 1997
New releases make Web tools more than just browsers

April 1997
What’s world saying about you? Search the Net to check opinions

March 1997
Always waiting to get on-line? Multiple access may be answer

February 1997
Software piracy; are the problems exaggerated?

January 1997
True multi-tasking still tests Windows 95 endurance

December 1996
Cutting back on tech support sure to alienate PC customer

November 1996
Microsoft’s Windows NT designed to stifle competition?

October 1996
Is stock really worth more because it’s an Internet company?

September 1996
Programmers don’t listen to their users

August 1996
One-click Internet access just more marketing hype

July 1996
A lot of Information Highway hype just plain ridiculous

June 1996
You’ll get what you pay for in cheap Internet Box

May 1996
Expert’s frustrations bad news for average computer users

April 1996
Few businesses make money yet on Web pages

March 1996
Why are people so rude online?

February 1996
You have been backing up your data, haven’t you?

January 1996
All about public-key encryption

December 1995
Comdex report

November 1995
Believe it or not,viruses are rare!

October 1995
If you think electronic books are better than paper, I have some land in Sarajevo to sell you…

September 1995
Why US Government export bans on encryption software make no sense