I am a highly experienced Ecommerce Expert Witness, having provided Ecommerce Expert Witness Services to law firms involved in litigation related to Ecommerce technology and digital marketing since 1996. Over the years I’ve served as an expert witness in numerous trials in which ecommerce was a factor, in areas such as Web development, online marketing and advertising (in particular SEO [Search Engine Optimization] and PPC [Pay Per Click advertising]), Amazon Marketplace disputes, and so on. For instance:

  • Geotag, Inc. v. Starbucks, et al
    A patent case related to the use of store locators — I had dozens of clients, including The Cheesecake Factory, Patagonia, Chick-fil-A, Safeway, and Costco
  • Katherine Dines v. Toys “R” Us Delaware, Inc.
    An ecommerce trademark case related to the misclassification of products on the ToysRUs.com Web site
  • Walker Digital v. Expedia
    A patent case related to ecommerce software
  • Expedia Hotel Taxes and Fees Litigation, Consolidated Civil Action
    A class action related to the presentation of taxes and fees to buyers on Hotel.com and Expedia.com
  • Essociate, Inc. v. 4355768 Canada, Inc./Crakmedia
    An ecommerce/affiliate-marketing patent case
  • Coaster Co. of America v. Xiamei
    I served as an Ecommerce Expert Witness in this Lanham Act case related to the sale of “knock-off” products on Amazon
  • Charles F. Fryberger v. TripTelevision, LLC & Apple Vacations
    A copyright case related to the ecommerce use of Plaintiff’s videos
  • DDR Holdings, LLC v. Hotels.com L.P., et. al
    A precedent-setting ecommerce-patent case; I testified in the Eastern District of Texas
  • Discovery Communications, Inc. v. Amazon.com, Inc.
    A patent case related to ecommerce technology

I have very extensive experience in Web development and ecommerce. I built my first Web site in late 1993 or early 1994, my first ecommerce Web site in 1997, and have built, designed, and project managed scores of Web sites since. I was VP of Web Solutions for a national ISP, with a 60-person Web-development team, and VP of Marketing for a Web-applications development company. I was also the founder of an ecommerce service provider (providing ecommerce technology to small businesses), funded by one of the world’s largest VC companies. I’ve been providing consulting services in the area of digital marketing to Amazon.com, Avvo, Zillow, Lonely Planet, Tower Records, Honey Baked Ham, and hundreds of other companies over the last dozen years.

I am the author of literally dozens of books about working and doing business online: the Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Internet (7 editions from 1993 – 2000), SEO for Dummies (7 editions since 2003), Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing for Dummies, and more.

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If you’ve been looking for an expert witness in a directory of expert witnesses, to find an ecommerce expert witness in your litigation, look no further. Peter Kent’s Expert Witness Services includes expert witness reports; as a professional writer he can provide a clear, concise expert witness report very quickly. He has served as a Pay Per Click Advertising Expert Witness, an E-commerce Expert Witness, an Online Commerce Expert Witness, a Search Engine Optimization Expert Witness, an expert witness consultant, and more.