I’ve been providing expert witness services since 1996, in litigation related to digital marketing and Internet technology, including working as a domain name expert witness and cybersquatting expert witness.

I have worked as an expert witness on a number of cases related to domain names:

  • International Metaphysical Ministry v. Wisdom of The Heart Church, d/b/a the University of Metaphysical Sciences
    Confusion between parties’ domain names. Unfair competition, trademark infringement; Plaintiff accused Defendant of using trademark in PPC ads, and of carrying out a “black hat” SEO campaign to damage Plaintiff’s Web site.
  • RXD Media, LLC v. IP Application Development LLC & Apple
    Worked as an expert witness in this trademark case related to the use of the ipad.mobi and ipadtoday.com domain names.
  • RXD Media, LLC v. IP Application Development LLC & Apple
    A cybersquatting case related to the VRay.com domain name.
  • Larsen Law Offices, LLC v. David M. Larson d/b/a Larson Law Office
    A trademark case related to similar domain names.
  • The Universal Church v. The Universal Life Church/ULC Monastery et al
    I was a cybersquatting expert witness in this trademark case; it also included allegations of local-search page hijacking.
  • Concordia Partners, LLC v. Marcelle Pick, et al
    A domain-name expert witness in this case related to copyright and trademark issues.
  • American Cruise Lines, Inc. v. HMS American Queen Steamboat Co. LLC
    I was an expert witness in this complicated cases that involved domain cybersquatting of several domain names.
  • Hemp, Inc. v. Sean & Chrissie Larkin
    A contract dispute related to the Hemp.com domain name; I testified regarding domain leasing.
  • Bigfoot Ventures, LLC v. Compañia Mexicana de Aviacion, S.A. de C.V.
    I served as a cybersquatting expert witness in this case related to VTP.com
  • AOL, LLC, Time Warner, Inc., et al. v. NameMedia, Inc.
    A dispute related to a variety of domain names that Time Warner claimed were too similar to their own.

I’ve been working in the Internet-technology arena since 1993. I first registered a domain name early in 1994, back in the days when domain names were free, there were no domain registrars, and you had to find a knowledgeable system administrator if you wanted to register a domain name. Since then I’ve bought, sold, managed, and used literally hundreds of domain names.

I’m best-selling technology author (I wrote the best-selling SEO for Dummies, for instance), a ecommerce consultant, and trainer. I’ve also been served as an expert witness in scores of cases since I first wrote an expert report for Microsoft back in 1996 (in a case related to a patent on the use of sound in browsers).

As noted above, I’ve worked on a variety of cases as a cybersquatting expert witness or domain name expert witness, but many more related to all areas of Internet technology and digital marketing: patents, trademarks, online defamation, contract disputes, copyright infringement, unfair business practices, trade secrets … cases related in some way to Pay Per Click Advertising, SEO, Web development, social media, and so on.

If you’re looking for an Domain Name Expert Witness–or specifically a Cybersquatting Expert Witness–let’s talk.

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