Last time I spoke to you, Peter, you doubled my sales, so I’m back for more!
ML-Cookie Site

I did my SEO all by myself (with your help of course) and within a couple of days my site was ranked #1 for most of my very important key words!!
AH-Clothing Store

Less than three months later I am on the first results page of most SE’s and I am still in the key word fine tuning stages. Kudos to you!
DW-Gift Site

The session was excellent. Kent is an excellent presenter, very easy to understand. He taught a Dummy a massive amount of valuable information.
DT-Detox Web Site

Peter was a huge help. He managed to convince my webmaster that SEO really is important, gave us a load of practical things to do that should make a huge difference, accompanied his observations with really cool underlining and online examples on the computer screen. I am so impressed and grateful.
RR-“Aura Readings”

We just finished our session with Peter. I’m sure we’re not telling you anything new when we say we were blown away by his knowledge and skill. Equally impressive is his calm demeanor and ability to take an incredibly complex topic and bring down the level of us mere mortal dummies. He is a very special person, and we greatly appreciate the opportunity to spend some time with him one on one.

He not only taught us a lot, he pointed out a very serious flaw in our site that could have hurt us badly with google. I’ve had a lot of “sessions”: with “experts”, and today’s was one of the very best I’ve ever had. David and I will recommend Peter and his books to everyone we know who needs and can benefit from his SEO and site design wisdom and knowledge.
ER-Detox Web Site

“I am getting excited…if you can get me up in the rankings so this [PPC] expense goes away…oh my goodness…[Later] I have to say the phone is ringing now and the orders are flowing… THANK YOU!!”
GS-Heavy Industry Client

“Peter, you made my company!”
RC-Computer Accessories

“There’s so much ‘snake oil’ in this business, I didn’t know where to look. After talking with you I decided to trust you and follow your advice…and you know, it’s working!”
MP-Services Company

“The new site design has been tremendously effective. We no longer get questions about who makes it? or what type? or what is the load rating?…it has added tremendous legitimacy which has yielded a much higher call-through rate.”
BG-Heavy Industry Client
[As I wrote in Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing for Dummies, “Ugly don’t sell.” Many companies are reducing their sales simply by using unattractive, unprofessional Web sites.]

“The phone consultation this morning was incredibly useful, we learned a great deal…we have a lot to think about now!”
MJ-Financial Business

I Went From Nowhere to #1
Michael Quarles (Ellijay, GA USA)
Rarely have I come across a book that made so much of a difference so fast. While I am a long time fan of the “Dummies” books, none have helped me the way this one has. I’d put a website together to promote my book “Building a PC for Beginners”. It was being totally ignored by the search engines. After applying the techniques Mr. Kent describes, pages from my site grabbed the #1 and #2 spots at MSN, for my book’s title.

See what other readers of Search Engine Optimization for Dummies have been saying here.

Why haven’t I identified the source of these testimonials? If you were doing well in the search engines, would you want to publicly announce why? Not if you had any sense, you wouldn’t! And nor do my clients, so I can’t tell you who said these things.

However, if you want to work with me, and require references, that’s something I can provide. These testimonials speak to what I have achieved for clients, and if you are seriously interested in working with me, I can provide references for you to check.