Peter Kent has an unusual mix of skills and experience: a combination of business experience, strong technical skills, extensive knowledge of the Internet, and real-world e-commerce experience:

Business Experience:

  • General Manager of a large legal-services Web site, with 1/2M+ pages
  • Principal, iChannelServices & Peter Kent Consulting, LLC
  • Founder/President of Top Floor Publishing
  • Founder of; President during fund-raising, Executive VP during operations
  • VP for Web Solutions, Internet Commerce and Communications
  • Successful entrepreneur/freelancer since 1986
  • Author of four business books

Internet & E-commerce Experience:

  • Consulting in a wide range of business areas, from retailing scaffolding to real-estate, law to teaching music, non-profits to travel
  • Built and operated Top Floor Publishing’s e-commerce Web site
  • Founder of, an eBusiness service provider assisting small businesses online
  • Responsible for IC&C’s custom Web design department and for development of Web-hosting and ASP services
  • The author of the best selling book on Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Optimization for Dummies, along with Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing for Dummies
  • The author of more books about the Internet than anyone on earth, including the Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Internet and Poor Richard’s Web Site
  • A 5-year newspaper column on Internet & E-commerce issues
  • A regular column in Canada’s eBusiness Journal
  • Working online since 1984; doing business online since 1990; writing about the Internet since 1993
  • Publisher/Editor of Poor Richard’s Web Site News, an e-mail newsletter distributed to 50,000 people

Product Development & Technical Experience:

  • Working in software development since 1981
  • A wide range of software/hardware development roles—user-interface design, training, installation & maintenance, documentation, bug-testing
  • HTML, Web-creation (first began working with HTML pages in 1994), and basic programming skills

Litigation Experience

In addition, Kent has Internet Expert Witness experience, providing reports, background research and training, and testimony in litigation related to Internet and E-commerce cases.