I’ve worked as an Online Defamation Expert Witness on a variety of cases (including one in which my client won a $38,000,000 judgement).

Online defamation is an increasing problem; whether it’s on Facebook, Yelp, Twitter, RipOffReport, LinkedIn, TripAdvisor, or on any of hundreds of social networks, competitors are defaming each other, disgruntled clients are defaming companies with which they have a dispute, people are weaponizing social media to carry out vendettas…but there’s a flip side. Sometimes companies use accusations of defamation to silence critics.

If you’ve been defamed–or are fighting an unjust accusation of online defamation–and need an Online Defamation Expert Witness, contact me and let’s talk.

I’ve worked as an Expert Witness on a variety of Online Defamation cases over the years. For instance:

  • Louis Bacon v. Peter Nygård
    Billionaire vs. Billionaire in a famous Bahamas neighbors dispute.
  • Unimed International, Inc. v. Dermagist, Inc., et al.
    Plaintiff accused Defendant of defamation in bogus review sites.
  • Christopher Sigfrid d/b/a QuantumPBX v. Chelsea Swift, et al
    A RipOffReport defamation case arising out of a dispute over Web-development services.
  • Michael Uzmann v. Mark Nery
    An accusation of online defamation in a restaurant owner’s response to a social media Yelp review (owner claimed reviewer was viewing child porn while sitting in the restaurant)
  • Virginia L. Giuffre v. Ghislaine Maxwell
    I served as an online-defamation expert witness in this off-shoot of the famous Jeffrey Epstein/Prince Andrew/Alan Dershowitz case.
  • Cascada, LLC and Denise Dutwiler v. Linda Van Der Starre
    I was an expert witness in this dispute between a restaurant and someone posting reviews in TripAdvisor and Facebook.
  • Bradley S. Cohen v. Ross B. Hansen, Northwest Territorial Mint, S. Firebaugh
    My client, Plaintiff, won a $38M judgement against the Defendant for operating anonymous Web sites to defame.
  • James Johnston, M.D. & Ulrike Johnston v. Hidden Cove Property Owners Association, LLC, et al
    An accusation of search-engine manipulation designed to promote a defamatory NY Times article in the search engines.
  • Best Odds Corp. Daniel Moravec v. Protos Marketing et al
    My expert witness services were required to estimate potential damages from online defamation.
  • Certain Approval Programs v. Xcentric Ventures, LLC
    As an expert witness in this online-defamation case I was involved in issues related to Sec. 230 of CDA (Computer Decency Act).

I’m an ecommerce consultant, best-selling tech author (SEO for Dummies, Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Internet, and many others), and video-course trainer. Back in 1996, however, I was asked by Microsoft to provide an expert report related to the use of sound in Web browsers, during patent litigation. Since then I have worked on scores of cases–not only as an online-defamation expert witness, but in relation to patents, trademarks, copyright, contract disputes, online defamation, unfair business practices and more … cases with some element related to Internet technology and digital marketing.

I’ve worked on cases related to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay Per Click search ads), Web development, social media, and more. If you’re looking for an Online Defamation Expert Witness, please contact me right away. Let’s talk.

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