A digital-marketing expert witness is a person who has specialist knowledge about Internet and digital marketing. Such an expert can help lawyers when they are in litigation related in some way to internet marketing. The digital-marketing expert witness can explain how various forms of digital marketing work, and interpret the evidence related to digital marketing in the particular case.

Digital-marketing expert witnesses are familiar with marketing channels such as Web sites, apps, email, search engine optimization (SEO), social media advertising, PPC advertising and many other techniques commonly used to attract customers online. An expert witness can explain these mechanisms to a judge or jury in court so that they understand what is being discussed. This helps the attorney build their case for their client.

The digital-marketing expert witness will also provide evidence such as research reports or studies which may be relevant to the case at hand. They may also be called upon to review documents related to Internet advertising campaigns or Web-site design projects which could have an effect on the outcome of a case. It’s important that the digital marketing expert have experience in this field since they will need to be able to effectively communicate with both attorneys and judges while providing knowledgeable testimony throughout any legal proceedings involving Internet-related issues or cases involving digital media advertising campaigns.

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