An online-defamation expert witness is someone who has knowledge and experience in the area of defamation employing various Internet technologies, such as blogs and social media. Defamation is when a person or company makes false statements about another person or company that can harm the defamed’s reputation. An online-defamation expert witness can analyze the evidence provided by both parties to determine if any false statements were made and if so, how much damage was done as a result.

The expert witness may also be asked to provide an opinion on what should be done to ameliorate the defamation; for example, in some defamation cases the issue of what it would cost to remove or hide links to defamatory Web pages appearing in Google and Bing search results page can be explained by the online-defamation expert witness.

Additionally, the expert witness can provide insight and guidance to attorneys on the most effective strategies for proving or disproving certain claims. By hiring an experienced online-defamation expert witness, lawyers can be sure that they are getting the best advice available when it comes to litigating a case of defamation in which the defamed person or company is the target of defamatory comments placed online.

When selecting an online-defamation expert witness, it is important to look for someone who has a comprehensive understanding of the laws pertaining to defamation and the internet. The individual should also have experience in providing expert testimony in court, as well as a thorough understanding of digital media, social media, and any other form of technology which may be relevant to the case at hand. Additionally, it is essential that the expert witness be comfortable with technology and have the ability to clearly and effectively communicate their opinion.

An online defamation expert witness should also be familiar with internet service providers, search engines, media outlets, hosting services, and any other entities which may be involved in a case of internet defamation.

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