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SEO for Dummies Links: 3

By Peter Kent

Links from the Book – 3rd Edition

This site is a companion for the book Search Engine Optimization For Dummies. It gives you the possibility to access, with just a click of the mouse, every site that I list in the book.

The list below is for the 3rd Edition of this book.
For the 6th Edition, click here.
For the 5th Edition, click here.
For the 4th Edition, click here.
For the 2nd Edition, click here.

For your convenience, I’ve listed the resources chapter by chapter, following the order in which they appear in the book.

Chapter 1: Surveying the Search Engine Landscape

Search Engines, Indexes and Directories:


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Chapter 2: Your One-Hour Search-Engine-Friendly Web Site Makeover

Finding Out if Your Site is Indexed:

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Chapter 3: Planning Your Search Engine Strategy

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Chapter 4: Making Your Site Useful and Visible

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Chapter 5: Picking Powerful Keywords

Keyword Tools:

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Chapter 6: Creating Pages That Search Engines Love

Using Company and Product Names:

This chapter also refers to an article about picking a hosting company, which you can find here.

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Chapter 7: Avoiding Things That Search Engines Hate

Pop-Up Blocking Software:

URL Rewriting:


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Chapter 8: Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap


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Chapter 9: Bulking Up Your Site – Competing with Content

Convincing Someone to Write It:

Websites and E-mail Newsletters:

Government Sources:

PDF Conversion Sites:

Government Materials:

Content Syndication Sites:

Traditional Syndication Services:

RSS Syndication Feeds:

Open Content and Copyleft:

Press Releases:

Q&A Areas:


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Chapter 10: Finding Traffic via Geo-Targeting

The Big Four Go Local:

Finding More Local Searches

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Chapter 11: Getting Your Pages into the Search Engines

Free Submission Pages:

Third-Party Site Map Creators

I also mentioned a list of “secondary” search engines and directories, which you can find here.

Paid Inclusion Programs:

Submitting to Secondary Systems:

Search Engine Tips and Tricks:

Registration Services and Programs:

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Chapter 12: Submitting to the Directories

Understanding Search Directories:


In this chapter I also mentioned a directory registration company; you can find information about it here.

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Chapter 13: Buried Treasure – More Great Places to Submit Your Site

Specialized Directories:

Finding Directories:

Yellow Page Sites:

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Chapter 14: Using Link Popularity to Boost Your Position

Page Rank Info:

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Chapter 15: Finding Sites to Link to Yours

Announcement Sites and Newsletters:

Press Releases:

Link Popularity Sites and Software:

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Chapter 16: Even More Great Places to Get Links

Syndication Directories:

Syndication Services:

Social Networking:

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Chapter 17: Using the Shopping Directories and Retailers

Shopping Directories:

More Shopping Services:

Third Party Merchant Sites:

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Chapter 18: Pay Per Click

Advertising Services and Tools:

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Automating PPC Management

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Chapter 19: Ten-Plus Ways Stay Updated

Extra Help:

Google’s Webmaster Pages:

Yahoo!’s Search Help:

MSN’s SEO Tips:

Search Engine Watch:

Google’s Newsgroups:

Google’s Inside Scoop:

Webmaster World:

The Yahoo! Search Engine Optimization Resources Category:

The Open Directory Project Search Categories:

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Chapter 20: Ten Myths and Mistakes


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Chapter 21: Ten-Plus Useful Things to Know

Enhanced Image Search:

Checking Site Rank:

Checking for Broken Links:

Google Toolbar:

Alexa Toolbar:

Seeing What the Search Engines See:

Keyword Density Analysis:

Site Traffic Analysis:

Checking for Duplication and Theft:

More Tools:

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Appendix: Staying Out of Copyright Jail

Copyright Info:

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Bonus Chapter: Search Techniques You Should Know


Topic and Domain-Specific Searches:

Finding Recent Changes:

Google Search Methods:

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