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Want to Understand Bitcoin, But Don’t Know Where to Turn?

Many long-time investors--and newcomers excited by the prospect of digital currencies--have been waiting to see whether Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are a viable investment asset, or a complete fantasy!

It doesn't help when you hear conflicting stories from news reports, financial publications and self-appointed “cryptocurrency experts.”

Some people think that governments will "shut down Bitcoin." If you understand the technology behind Bitcoin, you know that stopping people from trading it is almost impossible.

It’s also nearly impossible for anyone to steal your Bitcoin...if you take a few simple steps to store it safely.

These are the kind of facts that are in short supply on the Web. Unfortunately, journalists and traditional financial writers don’t really “get” the technical story behind cryptocurrencies.

You CAN safely invest in Bitcoin and other virtual coins and tokens, even if you have limited technical skills.

But first you need to uncover the real story behind cryptocurrencies, the exchanges where they're traded, and the tools and techniques that keep you safe from hackers and thieves--while letting you profit from your investing wisdom.

Save yourself hours of study--and take a shortcut to crypto mastery--with expert technology teacher Peter Kent and his new video course, Crypto Clear: Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Made Simple.

Learn the tricks--and traps--of buying and selling, working with public exchanges, and securing your money before you buy!

Learn the Secrets of Crypto from a Proven Source

Peter Kent

Best-selling author, teacher and online course creator Peter Kent spent over a year researching Bitcoin, cryptocurrency markets and the blockchain industry in order to give you behind-the-scenes details on this global phenomenon.

Crypto Clear tells you how Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies work, how to choose the right hardware and software tools to trade safely, and how innovations in blockchain technology may impact the future of business and society.

Peter has published over 60 books and video courses that focus on breaking down complex subjects so everyone can reap the benefits of modern technology.

Along with bestselling technology books in the Dummies and Complete Idiot's Guide series, Peter is a top teacher at online education sites and LinkedIn Learning (formerly

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Untangle the Complex World of Digital Currencies

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What's holding you back from exploring cryptocurrency?

I've read a lot of negative opinions and comments in the media about the future of Bitcoin, can I really count on it to survive in the future?

Even supporters of cryptocurrency believe that many of the coins and tokens being traded won't retain their current value long term. Bitcoin has some unique qualities that could give it an advantage, but the truth is that nobody really knows!

Warren Buffett and other traditional investors have come out against digital currencies, but many others in the financial industry have taken the opposite position. Goldman Sachs is getting into cryptocurrency, and the Chief Information Officer of the New York Stock Exchange recently quit his job to work for a cryptocurrency exchange.

If there are no government regulations or oversight, how do I protect my crypto investments from scammers, hackers and pump-and-dump schemes?

The reality is that many countries are now taking an active role in regulating cryptocurrencies. Some regulatory activity has served to boost the markets as personal and institutional investors view regulations as a positive step toward legitimacy for digital currencies.

It's true that cryptocurrency accounts are not currently insured by the US federal government, but neither are many other forms of security assets. Buying and storing cryptocurrency safely requires a higher level of personal responsibility than opening a savings account, but top-level security is available for anyone who chooses to implement it.

You can dodge many crypto trading risks simply by using the right tools and relying on trustworthy resources. But there are hundreds of exchanges and wallet programs competing to get your business, so figuring out your best options can take a lot of time. Crypto Clear gives you the details you need to start trading safely today.

How do I avoid losing money when the crypto bubble bursts, like the dot-com bubble in 2000?

First, follow the same advice you do for any investment: "Don't invest what you can't afford to lose."

Second, exercise due diligence to investigate your potential trades. The inside knowledge you'll get from Crypto Clear empowers you to evaluate coin offerings and investment opportunities with superior insight.

If you think the crypto bubble is anything like the dot-com era, you also remember that there were losers--like winners like Amazon. Start developing your crypto super powers now and increase your chance of picking the survivors.

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“This is a complicated subject, but Peter breaks it down...and makes it totally understandable. It's very professional. No 'webcam in the office' recording here; the videos are clear, and loaded with helpful illustrations and bulleted lists.

Mike Tischer

“I'm really impressed! The course breaks complex things down to an understandable's EXTREMELY comprehensive.... I haven't seen or heard of anything else like it out there.”

Pete Chiodo, Denver Crypto Group

Crypto Clear gives you every bit of information you need to buy, hold, and sell Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Monero, or any of the other 1600+ digital coins and tokens you'll find on public crypto exchanges.

The #1 Online Course on the Fundamentals of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Trading

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Are you a trader, or an investor? Are you more comfortable hunting for quick returns, or holding on for the long haul? No matter what your style, you need the inside scoop on the critical mistakes and external threats that can sink your crypto trading success:

  • How liquid are cryptocurrency assets?
  • Which exchanges are the safest for my investment?
  • What will happen when the crypto "bubble" bursts?
  • What are the minimum safeguards to ensure my money never gets stolen?

What You'll Get from Crypto Clear


• What you absolutely must understand before you plunge into crypto trading!


• The origin of Bitcoin and other digital currencies, and the mystery of Bitcoin’s founder

• Learn how cryptos and tokens are created and why

• Find out how digital coins and tokens are not like “real” currencies


• How blockchains, crypto exchanges and wallets work to keep your digital assets safe – OR NOT!

• The “Keys” that put the “crypto” in Cryptocurrency

• How to reclaim your money even if you lose they “keys” to unlock your accounts

• How hackers can (sometimes) get away with stealing in plain sight

• …and what you can do to ensure that your money won’t be stolen


• How to identify a trustworthy place to trade

• Getting verified and depositing funds into your account

• Buying, selling and transferring cryptocurrencies

• What’s going on in the blockchain when you buy and sell

• How “miners” validate transactions

• How to keep your money safe on an exchange


• A “wallet” isn’t really a wallet…what does it do then?

• Pros & cons of different types of wallets

• How wallets work and major mistakes to watch for

• What to do if you “lose” your wallet


• Trading and transferring between different wallets and exchanges

• How to optimize trading efficiency and minimize transaction fees


• Your money’s not in a bank—be careful!

• What happens when you ignore the risks…like these people

• The essential principles of securing cryptocurrencies


• What you’re really storing in a crypto wallet, and why

• Online and offline security measures – what’s best?

• Security levels provided by different types of wallets

• Spending and sending money securely

• How will I ever remember all those *#!@% passwords?

• Passing on cryptocurrency to your heirs

• How to recover if you do lose a password or key


• Beyond Bitcoin: The Other Currencies, Altcoins & Tokens

• What is an ICO? Can I really get coins for free?

• Why there’s more than one “Bitcoin”

• Scams to avoid when seeking free coins and quick profits

• What happens when a coin “dies”?

• What should I buy, and why should I buy it?


• What is money, anyway?

• Why do we need yet another form of money?

• Why money is really all in your imagination!

"This course does an excellent job piecing together the cryptic world of crypto. Just as you start to ask yourself, 'What is...?', Peter is already answering the question.... This course [provides] fundamental knowledge from somebody who has clearly done extensive research."

- Bianca Terdik

"From someone who is very well versed in the CryptoCurrency Economy I minimized the impact [of] your course. I was grossly mistaken.

This course is an effective educational tool and should be required coursework for every entrant into the Crypto or Bitcoin Economy. I have friends and acquaintances who have lost hundreds, thousands, and even tens of thousands of dollars to illicit people in the Crypto/Bitcoin Economy; your course can greatly minimize that risk.

I would highly recommend your coursework to every person who has the vision to see that Bitcoin and other Cryptos will have an impact on their life. It may turn out to be the best the Bitcoin Economy."

- Rod Cantwell

"Well articulated guide to need-to-know information for anyone interested in entering the crypto-sphere!"

More Cheers for Crypto Clear

- Andrew Kravitz

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